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Drill Press for Wagner Saf-T-Planer???

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I have a Delta DP300 12" 1/3hp table top drill press. Will the Saf-T-Planer work OK with this press?
Chris Nielsen

Jan 16, 10 | 1:06 pm
Bill Cory

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Chris -- the Saf-T-Planer will work fine with that drillpress, but the size of your work will be limited. If it will go out to 12"wide wood, you're in business. You'll just need to work and turn the wood if its wider, such as a joined top or back.


Jan 16, 10 | 4:34 pm
Running Dog

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I find that the Saf-T-Planer works best with high speeds -- switch to the drill's highest speed (or close to it), take light cuts, keep fingers out of the way. It's more likely to grab and chatter at low speeds. Great tool, especially good for thicknessing the headstock.


Jan 16, 10 | 8:42 pm

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