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I want to decorate the Guitar Head?

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I don't mean brealing any Trade mark rules,but can I by emblem, to dress up the head, ant good place to look.

Jan 14, 10 | 9:24 am
Ken Hundley

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beautiful stuff, and cheaper than you'd think. You do need to learn to do inlay....

Jan 14, 10 | 10:53 pm

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Plus one on Andy DePaule (the above link) he made a custom dragonfly inlay for my daughter's parlor to match the tat she wears on her shoulder

The initials are from the same place.

Mar 12, 10 | 11:15 am

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I agree, Andy dePaule does some great stuff and is cheap. This only cost $40

Apr 02, 10 | 4:17 am

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