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Anybody tried to do this before?
enalnitram (Martin Lane)

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1. get an inexpensive, yet relatively clean-and-clear, 2"x8" / 1"x8" / 2"x6", or what-have-you, in pine, spruce, fir, whatever.

2. make two guitar halves out of it, with a jig saw. if you can split it down the middle with a bandsaw, and bookmatch it, hey, bonus!

3. clean up the edges of it and make smooth.

4. practice joining em together. if you successfully join 1" or 2" thick pieces, .1" will be easier!

5. if your board is long enough, make 5 or 6 of these.

6. cut binding channels on all of em. (if you don't want to install bindings on these practice pieces, great, but you now have practiced on scrap, not on your project).

7. sand face smooth and try various finish techniques.

pieces cut out in the shapes of guitars come in handy later, if you plan to build more than one. I'm using one for the base of a binding jig cradle. I'm doing the above currently, to practice cutting binding channels and for trying to get a successful looking sunburst.

Jan 13, 10 | 5:46 am

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I'm sure Ken might post on here, but I know Ken Hundley had purchases big boards of spruce and what not and payed the supplier to saw it to his specs. Therefore it was extremely cheap tops/back & side sets. Which is kind of the same idea, accept for the wood he bought was his main supply and not just for practicing on a big block.

Although I don't really see the plus in making that many 1-2" thick guitar shapes. I personally think I'd rather just build and see how that goes for me. It seems like making mistakes on the actual project sets up a whole new kind of learning experience fixing it. Besides, I haven't seen or heard of anything yet, where someone had made a mistake on their guitar and had to throw it away.

Seems like this might be a little over kill, but maybe I'm taking it the wrong way.

Jan 13, 10 | 11:52 pm

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I'm constantly practicing on scraps, but like Dan says, this seems like over kill. However there was a cool thread at MIMF on building a Tele copy electric guitar for a total outlay of $100 and there is currently a $100 acoustic challenge - this sounds like a candidate.

Jan 14, 10 | 6:11 am
enalnitram (Martin Lane)

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Yeah, I'm with you guys. But I think I will make one junk piece, not 5 or 6, and rout channels on it before I do it to my next guitar. I'll also dye the "top" of it and try to get a decent looking sunburst, seal it, then use it for something else.

If I had more time, I'd accept the $100 challenge. I have pieces of cherry and maple but no way currently to resaw, thickness, or bend.

Jan 14, 10 | 6:32 am

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Martin, when I did my first 'burst I practiced a whole lot, but different woods absorb the stains differently so you may want to get some scraps of whatever use. Blind dumb luck, it came out OK

I'm going to post a link to the $100 acoustic challenge

Jan 14, 10 | 2:12 pm

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