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Radius disc

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How do radius discs work? Is it a flat disc that tilts two directions to a predetermined measured angle? Then you rotate the disc? Do you need a go-bar base plate or other base to attach it?


Jan 09, 10 | 6:55 am

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A radius disc is a disc that is concave. The concavity of the disc is of a set radius. These specific radii are the same ones you would use for back or top..i.e. 40 ft, 15 ft, etc. It is flat on the bottom so it sits on any flat surface and can be used with a go-bar deck for gluing tops or backs or the braces to either. It does not tilt. You would use it in a similar fashion to a sanding bar to match the rim contour to the front and back. For example, if you had a 15ft radius sanding disc you would put the rim of the guitar into it and spin it slightly back and forth to sand the rim to the 15ft radius of your back.
You can use it with a go-bar deck too. You would place the top or back into the correct radius disc so that when pressure was applied by the go-bar sticks onto the braces, the plate would compress into the disc and the radius of the braces and plate would match thereby forming a perfect glue joint(in theory.)
I hope this helped.
You dont need a radius disc to build a guitar. There are other cheaper ways to get the same results as with a radius dish. Much cheaper. Like for $3.00 worth of index cards instead of $80 or so for a radius dish.

Jan 09, 10 | 4:29 pm
Kevin Sjostrand

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Hi Bob,
Are you speaking of using a radius dish to sand and profile the edges of your rims, for use in a Go-bar deck for gluein braces, or both?


Jan 09, 10 | 5:40 pm
enalnitram (Martin Lane)

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I'm making two radiused dishes right now. (I've just been going crazy lately making tools and jigs -- just wait till you see my home-made hygrometer!) cost is just use of scrap plywood pieces, and $7 for each dish.

The 3/4" thick, 2'x4' MDF material is $7 at Menards. I'm cutting out two 24" circles out of each 2' x 4' piece. I'll glue those two circles together to achieve an adequate thickness. then using a 1/4" flat cut bit on my router, I'll use a jig to apply the radius to each disc. I'll probably have it done this weekend and will post pics.

Here are some examples from mimf.

Jan 11, 10 | 9:57 am
Ken Cierp

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Hi Bob,

We sell the radius dishes but there are alternatives


Kenneth Michael Guitars est. 1978

Jan 14, 10 | 3:55 am
enalnitram (Martin Lane)

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Here's how my disc making endeavor is going.

Jan 14, 10 | 7:34 am

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Yep, thats the way I did it a few years ago too. And the disk still works like a dream.

Jan 15, 10 | 8:43 am
blues creek guitars Authorized Martin Repair Ctr

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Dishes do more that one thing , they also work well as clamping cawls. Here is a video link to see the disks in action. The disks can take your building to the next level for sure.

John Hall
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Jan 20, 10 | 3:51 am

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