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Filling gaps on the top

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I've got the binding on my guitar, and have done some rough finishing to the back, sides, and top. I have noticed however, due to an attempt to use a poor router, that the bindings around the top have left some gaps. The gaps are between the bindings and the spruce top.

Was wondering if there was a good way of filling these gaps? I guess I could use some CA and sand the spruce, which would create spruce sawdust that might fill the gap, but my attemps at using CA for gap filling on the sides reveals that it leaves a dark spot that needs to be entirely sanded down (creating a trough).


Jul 19, 06 | 9:44 am

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I filled some gaps around my rosette by mixing spruce dust with LMI glue. Not perfect, but 9/10 would never notice it. Depending on the color of your binding, it could help or hurt the noticability.


Jul 19, 06 | 2:04 pm
Bill Cory

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This is a good question. I might try sanding the spruce a bit, capturing some of the dust and working it into some CA and then applying it to the gap while it's wet; this might eliminate the dark spot and trough.

Find one of Robby O'Brien's posts and click on his name; that will bring up his profile; you can then email him through the forum and ask the question.


Jul 19, 06 | 5:02 pm
Ken Hundley

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Thats what I did on my spruce top, but I used Hot Stuff, the real watery kind. I never noticed a dark spot on the rosewood. keep in mind, it will all darken up once you start finishing it. If you are concerned about how it may look when the CA dries, wipe a real wet coat of Naptha on the wood to get a 10 second idea of what it will look like with a few coats of finish on it. hcances are, the dark spot will blend in at that point.

I sanded some dust into the gaps on my sprcuetop jumbo, then dropped a few drops of the Hot Stuff. Could see it prior to finishing, but now I couldn't even tell you where they were. I am counting on the same thing with the ebony surrounding my pearl dragon on my headstock. Just need to get back to it.

Jul 25, 06 | 2:53 pm

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Actually, what I did was took some LMI glue and thinned it with water, to about 50/50. I then sanded the top to create some dust, put some of the thinned glue in the gap, and used a razor blade to gently scrape the sawdust into the gap. It did fill the gap, and the color matches, but you can tell that there was a gap. John Hall of Blues Creek Guitars gave me this idea.


Jul 25, 06 | 3:16 pm

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Alls well that ends well! Great solution...thanks for sharing it!

Jul 27, 06 | 6:35 pm

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