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Acoustic Bass

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Hi all.
After two kits, four from-scratch guitar and a mountain dulcimer, I'd like to make an acoustic bass, a four string one. Any suggestion? Anyone who has measures?
What model of internal bracing should I use?

If anyone would like to see some of my jobs, here's my webspace:

Beppe Manconi Chitarre

Thanks, Beppe

Dec 27, 09 | 1:19 pm

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Hi Beppe

Probably no one on this forum built an acoustic bass. Maybe Ken or John have any expierience with it. There are some sites where you can download plans but you'll have to pay. For example a plan drawn by Jim Olson. Here you can see something about the bracing:

Last year I made a 28 inch baritone. If you want the specs, do send me a mail and I'll show you what I did.

good luck,

Dec 28, 09 | 9:07 am

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The first thing I would mention, all acoustic bass guitars are built with pickups. next. the size I would try, Big as you can PLAY. I would go about 8" thick and bigger than a guild F50. you might look at Mando Basses Gibson made in the '20s. the used a 40' string length. That is if you want it to be truly acoustic. Of course I'm a little bent. I fit a 5/4 upright and 1/4 notes are my thing. Hope you can find or splice wood large enough to make a real one. The world needs it.

Dec 30, 09 | 10:03 am

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Thanks all.
Herman, my mail is in my web pages, please send me your specs, they'll help me for the body sizes.
Gasocaster, I made some guitar with pickup -Fishman infinity- and I'm thinking for a bass I could play to add a bass line to my home recordings, so a pickup is necessary, but when not recording I'd like a bass with a good sound really acoustic. I thought 4 or 5 inches were sufficient. I guess body lenght could be just like a dreadnought .


Dec 30, 09 | 1:22 pm

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For your goal, that should work well. Acoustic volume for that size should keep up with 2 guitars of equal build. After seeing your website, you could consider enlarging the bridge to tail block dimension since most acoustic bass guitars are shorter there than guitars. I'm sure you will do a fine job.

Dec 30, 09 | 4:19 pm

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Here are the dimensions for Kinkade's acoustic bass:

Body Length: 560mm 22in
Body Width: 458mm 18in
Body Depth: 140mm 5 in
Scale Length: 864mm 34in
Nut Width: 42mm 1 5/8in

More images and a description at

Jan 01, 10 | 7:49 am

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Thanks, dviss, it's more a Jumbo than a 000, isn't it?
It'll be fun to try something new.
I hope we'll see pics in a few months...

Jan 01, 10 | 9:17 am

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