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I got a new guitar kit for Christmas!

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My wife has a wicked sense of humour sometimes:

We've had a great day; the kids had a ball. Some lovely rain has hopefully brought relief to the firefighters around the country but now there's reports of flooding in some areas!

I hope you all have a terrific day with family and friends.



Dec 24, 09 | 9:32 pm
Bill Cory

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We're just starting our Christmas Day over here in the States.

When you get that guitar built, we need to see some pictures of it!

Glad your Christmas was a fun one!


Dec 25, 09 | 6:45 am
blues creek guitars Authorized Martin Repair Ctr

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Be sure to send pics or at least a good you tube vid
john hall

Dec 25, 09 | 7:42 am

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With a 5 minute building kit you can start your own productionline. You only have to find a musician to promote it.

Dec 26, 09 | 8:12 am

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