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Got my surgury date
blues creek guitars Authorized Martin Repair Ctr

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Well I guess I will be posting more soon as I will be getting my knee fixed Jan 27th. Looking forward to it . As they say only minor surgery , but in my mind minor surgery is what happens to others.
Too all you self employed guts , you can never be too careful . I am still in the shop as much as I can be , and the pill at least make it bearable . Have a great Holiday people
john hall

Dec 20, 09 | 4:12 am

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Best of luck John. Nowadays those guys can do so much good with so little recovery time needed, it's incredible.
After you see it done, maybe you can figure out a way to turn it into a kit for them! Good wishes to you.

Dec 20, 09 | 7:52 am

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John, good luck. I have had both an ACL repair on one knee (damn non-releasable telemark bindings) and the other one 'scoped (too many years of running and bike racing). However, you will recover nicely and be back to normal soon.

The main thing is to have a good physical therapist who will make you work it after the surgery. Get your range of motion back as soon as you can - walking backwards on a tread mill was a good trick. And while you are healing, you'll have lots of time to play guitar.

Dec 20, 09 | 8:23 am

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Good Luck John! I'm not sure there's any such thing as "Minor Surgery" anytime they mess with ya it makes ME nervous...but the continued pain is not an acceptable option..speedy recovery!


Dec 20, 09 | 8:47 am
blues creek guitars Authorized Martin Repair Ctr

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At least I got the pain pills cheaper than beer and I don't gotta pee
I figure my humor will get me through . I had this knee done 20 years ago , 56 years old I gotta have something wrong I guess . I am sure it beats a heart attack

Dec 20, 09 | 9:12 am
Bill Cory

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John -- best of luck with it! I had my ACL torn completely and finally had the surgery to get it fixed. Never did get back 100% mobility, but at least now it doesn't pop out of place like it used to! The rehab's no picnic, but certainly is the only way to get 100% benefit out of the procedure.

Keep us posted!


Dec 20, 09 | 1:44 pm
Ken Hundley

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Good luck, John, and do what the therapist tells you. Best chance for a full recovery.

Dec 20, 09 | 1:58 pm
Kevin Sjostrand

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It doesn't sound like fun, but we will hope you will be much better when it is all done.

Dec 21, 09 | 5:40 am
blues creek guitars Authorized Martin Repair Ctr

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I will still be in the shop tinkering. I just can't wait to get back on my feet
john da limp

Dec 21, 09 | 7:40 am

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Troubled knee or troubled mind? What to choose?
I did both in the past and want to advise: Take the knee.

Get well soon, John. And let us know how you're doing.

Dec 21, 09 | 10:05 am
blues creek guitars Authorized Martin Repair Ctr

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the pills are making it at least bearable . I am looking forward to getting it over with. Still kickin just not as often or as high
John Da limp

Dec 21, 09 | 2:36 pm
Ken C

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Good luck, John! Probably a good call getting the date after the holidays.


Dec 21, 09 | 5:03 pm

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I haven't heard what you did to your knee?

Regardless, wishing you the best on your surgery. I've torn my PCL apart, wadded up the cartiledge (miniscus) in the back of my knee, and stretched out my lateral collateral.....all on my right knee. 2 suregeons took 4 1/2 hours for one repair (the PCL) and the therapy wasn no fun. Another time I had the knee scoped and had a quick recovery and comparitevely, it was nothing. So it all depends on how you hurt the knee. All my injuried were playing basketball.

Good luck, and listen to your surgeon and therapist......or you will wish you had later.

Dec 21, 09 | 5:10 pm

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John, hope all goes well with the knee.

I had my surgery on my collar bone last Thursday and got a new plate put in. All went well I suppose, a little easier the second time haha. Now, for 2 months of nothing, and then a few more months of working to get everything back again.

As jealous as I am that even though you'll be "out" for a while too, you can still use your arms for what ever you'd like, I'm not so sure I'd be willing to trade usage of my arms for a bummed knee.

Good luck,

Dec 21, 09 | 5:26 pm

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Best wishes to you, John. As Freeman said, the key is the rehab therapy. Three surgeries on one knee with the fourth being a knee replacement has taught me that doing what the therapist says is the key to a great recovery. I think knees have a shelf life and should have an expiration date stamped on them.

Dec 22, 09 | 10:35 am
blues creek guitars Authorized Martin Repair Ctr

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this is the 2nd time for this knee. I don't know what I did other than maybe age the cartilage . Thanks for all the well wishes .
john hall

Dec 23, 09 | 4:55 pm

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Sorry to hear about the knee. I wish you a speedy recovery. Hopefully this will be the last time they work on that knee. Steve

Dec 24, 09 | 1:55 pm

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