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An Excellent Film online about P-51 Mustangs & Aces
Bill Cory

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For those of us who are fascinated by (or those who even flew) these planes, this is a beautifully done movie about a WWII Ace, Jim Brooks, and P-51 Mustangs. Well worth watching.

Dec 12, 09 | 8:43 am
Kevin Sjostrand

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That is an awesome video. The P-51 is my favorite plane of all time. For years I would attend the War Bird show that was put on in Madera here in California. Back in the early 80's I had an opportunity to take a ride in a Mustang for $50. I should have done it, it just was a lot of money back then.
Thanks for finding that and putting it up. I'm not a pilot but man it would be fun to fly one of those babies. My wife's dad was in the Air Corp in WWII. He wasn't a pilot, but talked alot about the bombers and fighters. He wanted to be a pilot, but he didn't weight enough....tried to gain weight so they would take him in flight school, but he couldn't put on enough...he was a little guy.
I once made a balsa P-51 control line plane........remember those Bill?


Dec 12, 09 | 11:33 am
Bill Cory

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Kevin -- we are two of the same mind. I just love those planes. Amazing video and a touching story, huh?


Dec 12, 09 | 12:43 pm
Ken Hundley

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That was very touching. That was an entire generation of amazing people with amazing skills, talents, and a completely different outlook on life than we have today. We need more poeple like them around.

Dec 12, 09 | 11:05 pm

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WOWOW...wonderful story ...marvelous plane...and YES Ken H. you are so right...God Bless 'em...:)

Dec 13, 09 | 3:27 am

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