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Anyone Live In Or Near Tupelo, MS, or know a Luthier or Builder There?
Bill Cory

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I got an email from a kid in Tupelo Mississippi today, asking me to be his Mentor for a year-long high school project of building a guitar. I'm in Colorado. This would not be easy, and i don't know if I could help him out or not.

Anyone know a luthier or hobby builder in or near Tupelo?

The kid doesn't need much, and I'll do it if I can't find anyone closer -- but seems like it would be best if he could find someone nearby.

Post here if you have any ideas.



Dec 01, 09 | 6:12 am
Kevin Sjostrand

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What a cool thing Bill. I hope there is someone to help the boy.

Dec 01, 09 | 8:46 am
Bill Cory

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I found a luthier there (Colby Horton,, and recommended him to the kid. The young man (Sam) said in his original email that he had previously contacted a custom guitar shop and the guy wasn't interested at all. I hope it's not the same guy.

If that didn't work for him, I suggested he let me sign his form via fax (which he had said was just a formality) and then he should join this forum and let all of us help him out.

Seems like a fun thing for all of us ...

Maybe there's room for another sub-forum in all of this: "School Guitar Building Classes" -- whadya think?


Dec 01, 09 | 9:51 am

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Bill, I think that's a wonderful idea! I hope it all works out...we all need to support Kids as much as we can...especially when one comes along who actually wants to do something like THIS! :)

Dec 01, 09 | 9:59 am
Ken Hundley

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Word of know nothing about this kid. Hopefully he is legit, and if so, would love to have him here to help him out. I would find out what school he attends, call the school switchboard and get transferred to him, and find out what the expectations are. If you are comfortable with what you hear, then go for it, would definitely be a lot of fun. I would be very careful about sending your signature to a partyyou know nothing about.

Dec 01, 09 | 6:44 pm
Bill Cory

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Ken -- you might have been right. I suggested the above to the kid (?) and never got a response. Thanks for the caution before I fell for this one. (Though I do have "Lifelock" and I've discovered -- the hard way -- that it actually works like the commercials say it does.)

Dec 04, 09 | 6:41 am
Ken Hundley

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Its different when they actually have your signature, Bill. For all Lifelock knows, you signed for whatever was purchased. And I meant to say "ask for his instructor...." above, but glad you tried it. Hopefully hes just a typical kid who doesn't respond right away, or needed time to set it up with his teacher. It did sound like a neat idea.

Dec 04, 09 | 1:24 pm

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Bill, I was hoping maybe you could give this kid my email. He sounds pretty much like me as far as how I got started accept for the fact that I had accepted the fact there was no one all too close to be able to help me out, and he has seemingly found a way around that.

I can't offer a whole lot of help being a beginner myself, but I may be able to help in the sense that I can show him age/resources isn't really an issue. I started at 17 with literally no tools and no knowledge before this forum.

If you could forward my email to him, it's

I'd be looking forward to talking with him.


Dec 07, 09 | 10:31 am
Bill Cory

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I think I'm going to leave him to his own devices. I wrote him the day of the opening post, but he has not replied.

Dec 07, 09 | 4:21 pm

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If the kid ever emails back or reads this thread there is a fine luthier in Tupelo that has a retail store. The guys might help him out if its legit.

Dec 14, 09 | 8:38 pm

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