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#4 All mahogany OM

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Building this one for my stepson. All mahogany, rosewood fretboard, bridge and headplate. Still needs a final coat of nitro.

One of these days maybe I'll take the time to find a better backdrop for my photos.

Nov 26, 09 | 5:47 am

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Love the grain in the top. Nicey nice.

Nov 26, 09 | 7:18 am
Bill Cory

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Barry -- I like that a lot too. Seing that kind of mahogany top is unusual and really nice looking.


Nov 26, 09 | 10:10 am
Ken Hundley

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Very cool, nice look.

Nov 27, 09 | 5:48 am
Ken C

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Looks like she turned out pretty good, Barry. Congrats! I don't think I have ever played a mahogany topped guitar. How do they sound compared to spruce?


Nov 27, 09 | 7:06 am

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Should have strings on it by monday. I am looking forward to hearing her sing.

Nov 27, 09 | 8:34 am
John B

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I really like it! My Dad has always wanted a mahogany top guitar. I like the way ithey look but I was always a bit unsure of how it would sound. Soooo.. How does it sound compared to a spruce top?

Great Job!

Nov 27, 09 | 10:09 am

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Well it is finished.

Still don't have a feel for the sound quality yet as this one is a lefty.
It has great sustain and rings out really nice on individual strings but I barely play right handed so I'll have to wait till I give it to my stepson.

Dec 03, 09 | 6:55 pm

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Nice job! Can you give us a closeup of the rosette? What I can see looks nice.

Dec 08, 09 | 3:37 pm

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here ya go

couldn't get a picture w/o the flash in it.

Dec 08, 09 | 6:06 pm

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Thanks for the closeup Barry. Great job.

Dec 30, 09 | 3:11 pm

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