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Fingerboard Extension Screwed Down Instead of Glued Down

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I've seen a couple of variations of ways to hold the fingerboard extension down to the top instead of using glue. One is using threaded inserts attached to the underside of the FB. The other is from the guy on ebay who sells the two bars that are inletted into the neck and top.
Any other methods?
Why would you do that? What are the advantages/disadvantages?

Nov 22, 09 | 6:24 am
Bill Cory

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Without glue, it would be easier in the future to do a neck reset, at any point it might be needed -- even to make an adjustment to the angle after only a month or two. Changes could be made in the fingerboard extension lower surface, or to the neck heel. Repairs of all kinds would be easier as well.

I can't think of any disadgantages, except that engineering it is more of a task than just applying glue and clamps ...


Nov 22, 09 | 9:55 am
Ken C

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I did my first bolt down f/b extension recently. You can see a picture of it under this forum. Look for the thread "A Couple Of Projects I Am Working On." I'm sure there are dozens of ways of doing this.

I'm with Bill, I see more advantages than disadvantages in doing a bolt down f/b extension. But I don't have a lot of experience with them.


Nov 22, 09 | 6:40 pm

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One big advantage would be that you could shim the f/b extension as Taylor does on their NT necks to minimize "14th fret drop off". Another advantage would be allowing the f/b extension and top to expand at different rates, minimizing cracks (and eliminating the need for a popsicle brace). Many builders try to use the minimum amout of glue for this reason.

You could also do the floating f/b extension that seems so popular in some circles, which leads in to all kinds of design considerations. As an engineer these are all interesting possibilites, but I'm also a pretty conservative guy and continue to just glue 'em down.

Nov 23, 09 | 9:53 am
Ken Cierp

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The bolted down FB extension to me is the way to go ---- My design uses a little different approach, there are "T" bolts actually epoxied in recesses routed in the fingerboard -- I don't get the idea behind the Ebay version with the big "heavy" metal things, all that added weight can't be good in such close proximity to the sound board --- that's the way I see it anyway?


Kenneth Michael Guitars est. 1978

Nov 23, 09 | 11:09 am

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Here is one way to do it

and Mike Doolin's take on the topic

and here is a rather elegant floating fretboard (with an adjustable neck and a bunch of other wild features)

Nov 24, 09 | 11:21 am

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