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A Few Calendars Left ...
Bill Cory

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Well, the sale just about broke even. If any of you still want a calendar, please order it soon because I won't be re-ordering them -- and won't be doing one again since they didn't really work out.

Okay Guys and Gals ... Here it is. I can't show the entire Calendar here, but it is quite nice. Printed on thick Photo Paper at 300 DPI, good color. On the calendar pages, I included Special Dates for United Kingdom, Netherlands, and USA -- so I imagine the guys Down Under, and Herman Arendsen, and the rest of us, can keep track of our holidays :-).

Prices and ordering information at the link below. Also there is a link to a PDF of all pages.

I have ordered 50 calendars from the printer; when those are gone, a reorder MIGHT not make it by Christmas; so, please order as soon as you can. When the orders get to 50, I will post a "Possible Delay" notice here.

CLICK HERE for a web page to order -- all price information provided there.

Here is a reduced sample of the cover:

Here is a reduced sample of the January Spread (The actual calendar will be spiral bound and each page is 11.25"wide by 8.5" high; letter-size paper but on quality heavy photo paper).

Each page has 2 or 3 photos, plus some text on some pages (like this sample), and accreditation for the guitar builder for every photo, similar to how it's shown here.

I think you will like it.

As soon as the calendars arrive here, I will put up a notice that I'm starting to ship them. All shipping will be by US Postal Service Priority Mail (USA and International).

An alternative ordering procedure would be to go to , where you can order calendars direct from the printer, though shipping will cost a bit more.

Okay, there it is --

Nov 18, 09 | 1:14 pm

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Great. Cannot wait.
But Bill, please fix the link.

Nov 19, 09 | 5:00 am
Bill Cory

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Herman -- Thanks -- but I don't understand your request. The link above goes directly to my "store" on

I would caution everyone -- if you order the calendar on that link, it wil cost more and will take longer to receive (especially outside the USA).

That link is only an alternative ordering outlet.

NOTE: I thought PayPal buttons would work, but they don't. Please DO NOT ORDER until later today when I can get a new webpage up with a PayPal button.


Nov 19, 09 | 5:22 am
Ken Hundley

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Just ordered, can't wait to see it Bill!

Nov 19, 09 | 11:14 am

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Bill I need two. Since I am local would you prefer me to pay by check directly to you? I can come by to pick them up if that works best. What ever process gives you the best return is fine with me. Just let me know and it will happen.


Nov 20, 09 | 5:38 am

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Thank you Bill for the email. I have ordered one.

Nov 21, 09 | 9:49 am

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Thanks for the e-mail notice Bill. My order is in.

Nov 21, 09 | 12:34 pm
Mark Forster-King

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Hey Bill.... well done...the calander looks great...the pics look good,the design and layout look very slick and professional as well ...I have ordered mine and hopefully they make it "downunder" for Xmas...

Nov 22, 09 | 12:32 am

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Just ordered. It looks great online, probably better in person!

Nov 24, 09 | 5:41 am
Bill Cory

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Great! Thanks Tony.

Nov 24, 09 | 6:50 am

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