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What type of neck joint

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How are you all?

After some research and consideration,I think I will probably go for the Stewmac kit,mainly because of the positive reviews here and the ease of getting it shipped to Australia.

I had a look at LMI ,KMG and Bue Creek and they all look much the same except for the international shipping and assembly instructions.
(KMG & Blue Creek ,if I was in the US ,things would be different)

Any way I am not sure which way to go with the neck joint - Dovetail or bolt on.

What is the main difference in assembly/construction.Is one better /easier than the other?

I appreciate any of your input.



Jul 14, 06 | 5:20 pm

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Having just finished a dovetail, I would strongly recommend the bolt-on.

While the dovetail is the classic, and I'm told that after having done several dozen it is easy, the simplicity of the bolt on, in my opinion, trumps all other considerations for a novice builder.


Jul 14, 06 | 5:45 pm
Bill Cory

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Hello Greg -- Glad you could join us! How's your winter going?

Dovetail vs Bold on: Can of worms. Some people think the dovetail is wonderful. William Cumpiano hates it. The bolt-on, in many people's opinions, is certainly not inferior as far as sound goes, and many feel that it's easier to get right. This is an especially important consideration for us kit builders. The bolt on is easier to get right, and it sounds just as good.

Those two, in themselves, are enough for me.

I have built one dovetail, from Martin, and it went okay. I still have one coming up, from Blues Creek, and I expect it will be okay, too. But the bolt-ons have all been easy too, if you ignore all the beginner mistakes I made.

My 2 cents worth ... no import duties due.


Jul 14, 06 | 5:50 pm

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Thanks for the replies -looks like I go the easy way first up.

Hi Bill,

Winter is not too bad down here,little damp at the moment but thats oK.(Good time to study up on Guitar Construction!!)

You have done very well with the forum and your site.
I am reading bits and pieces everyday ,and I havn't even ordered a kit yet.It does seem to inspire me to get on with it though.

Take is easy



Jul 15, 06 | 4:40 pm

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