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Electric guitar kits

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I did a search of electric guitr kits, and did not find much information. Has anyone built a Grizzly electric kit? Their "Heirloom kits" look like they may be good quality, some on sale now.
All comments welcome- thanks.

Nov 16, 09 | 9:45 am

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I buy a lot of tools from Grizzly, but if their electric kits are anything like their acoustic I would run as fast as I could. Both StewMac and Wormoth have all the parts you need, why not built one of them

And for a real hoot, go down a few threads and find the link to the MIMF $100 Tele challange - I'm probably going to whip out something like that this winter.

Nov 16, 09 | 11:19 am
Bill Cory

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Ditto what Freeman said. I built one of Grizzly's acoustics. It was already "built," but took a lot of "adjustment" to make it playable. I can't imagine that their electric kits would be much better.

Nov 16, 09 | 4:24 pm
Ken C

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Haven't done anything electric yet, but I did pick up a Bulldog Les Paul from a guy that had purchased it and never started building it. Really nice flame maple top, but the top is veneer. That is about all I can add.


Nov 16, 09 | 6:50 pm
Ken Hundley

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I did the LMII Kit, and loved it. I have problems with the electronics, but due to my own errors. I would also like to reowrk the neck, agian, due to my inexperience 5 years ago, but the components were top notch. You get 5 chunks of wood, very thick too. Be ready for a lot of carving and machining.

Nov 17, 09 | 2:19 pm
Ken Hundley

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Here's the headstock:

Nov 17, 09 | 2:21 pm

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Thanks for the replys. The Warmoth website is one of the best I have ever been on. Stewmac is good as well. The thing about Warmoth is ,the photo they show is the actual wood body or neck you are buying.
Thanks again, Dan

Nov 18, 09 | 12:06 pm

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