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Sanding he saddle
Woody O'Keefe

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Hello everyone,

With all the guitars I've owned ( Martin, Gibson, Taylor, Guild, Ovation) I have always done my own set up. All the different guitars seemed just fine to me and I played professionally with them all. After looking at Kent Evertt's set up DVD and reading Bill's section on setup, it seems the correct procedure is to sand the saddle curved to match the radius of the fretboard. I have always sanded them flat so the entire saddle sits flat in the bridge. Am I missing something critical?

I'm near the end of construction of my first Kit and I want to give it the best chance of survival:))


Nov 11, 09 | 11:10 am
Ken Cierp

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Hi Woody,

The bottom of the saddle should be perfectly flat, the top should match the contour of the fingerboard 16" is a safe bet as seen here

The top of the Martin style belly bridge also has a 16" radius so it very easy to plot the top curve of the saddle.


Kenneth Michael Guitars est. 1978

Nov 11, 09 | 11:54 am
Bill Cory

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Yep. If the top of the saddle isn't shaped like the fretboard, your middle strings will be too low and your treble and bass strings too high. And if the bottom of the saddle isn't flat, it won't transmit the vibes from the strings perfectly. If it isn't clear in the book(s) that the bottom should be flat and top radiused like the fretboard, I apologize; I might have taken that for granted, but I'll check and edit.


Nov 11, 09 | 1:12 pm
Woody O'Keefe

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Thanks Ken Thanks Bill,

I think Kent Evertt's DVD confused me. I won't change the way I make my saddle.

Thanks for the confirmation.


Nov 11, 09 | 2:51 pm

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