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Here's my latest! Jumbo

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Ok it's finally done-except the pick guard.

Flamed Maple back and sides-obvious!!
Sitka top
Iviroid binding(urgghhh)
Bolt on neck
KTM-9 finish
1.800 neck
Dragon from Depaule supply-nice!!
I made everyting but for slotting the board and John Hall bent the sides-thanks John!!!! It's been a long journey for this one.It sound really nice and open right off the bat,loud and clear.The trebles are strong and the bass is thunderous.The only regret is that I didn't go through with a sunburst top.I really wanted to do a burst but I just couldn't quite get the mix of colours that I wanted so I chickened out.
Paul Nesmith

Jul 13, 06 | 2:40 pm

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This is an outstanding guitar! Just incredible! You mention the long journey -- can you elaborate for us?

Thanks --Jim

Jul 13, 06 | 3:04 pm

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Thanks Jhowell.
I guess it just seemed to take forever to finish.I started two guitars this year for my winter project and normallly I'd have been done with one around May.Sorry the pics aren't better but I'm really happy with the way it turned out.This is the first guitar that I've made and I actually said to myself that maybe there's hope that I'm on my way to becoming a guitarmaker.

Jul 13, 06 | 4:40 pm

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Help me pick my jaw up from the floor. What an outstanding piece of work!!!!


Jul 14, 06 | 5:51 pm
Bill Cory

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So, Paul -- is THIS the guitar you think it would be tacky to put your own label into? (Caught you on the other forum.)

Good grief, if a guitar I built came out looking as great as this one does, I'd probably have my name inlayed on the fretboard! At least on the headstock.

That is a beautiful pro-level piece of work. I am envious and humbled.

Now, go ahead and put a label in it!

And start on the next one.


Jul 14, 06 | 6:01 pm
Dennis Weatherly

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Paul, that is beautiful! If my first one comes out half that nice I will be thrilled. I can't wait to see your next one.

Jul 14, 06 | 10:20 pm

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I appreaciate all the kind comments guys.I've said it before and I'll say it again that I am a rookie when it comes to building (Ask me about all the stupid mistakes) But thanks to forums like this one we can all learn alot about how to build a better guitar.
Yes Bill this is the guitar that I'm leary about putting in a label.I still am.

Jul 15, 06 | 4:58 am

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Thank you for your comments on this build. I can say that my build journal is way more of a 'How NOT To Build a Guitar' than what I had expected before starting :) ! I expect that we all have this experience (defined as something you need six minutes before getting it) well into double digit build numbers.

In a certain sense, I hope I always think of myself as a rookie at this, it means that I'll always be striving to learn more.

You have created a piece of beauty, regardless of what it took to get there. Something to be proud of in a good way!


Jul 15, 06 | 6:20 am
Bill Cory

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Paul - this was built from scratch? Man, it really is beautiful. You said you were building two guitars -- how is the other one going?

Jul 16, 06 | 5:09 am

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Here's a couple of more pics.

Jul 16, 06 | 4:04 pm

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Bill. I'll have the "other" guitar done next week hopefully!!

Jul 16, 06 | 4:06 pm

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Truely beautiful and the level I hope to one day acheive. I must say however, you've put the strings on the wrong way.


Jul 18, 06 | 8:41 am
Phlytyer (Keith)

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Did anyone else notice Paul's blue shirt in the most recent pics?

Great job Paul. Whilst I am partial to Jumbo Blondes (Guild JF30-12 BL), yours is exceptional.


Jul 18, 06 | 4:47 pm

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That is absolutely gorgeous! Your "mistakes" make mine look like train wrecks.

Jul 26, 06 | 6:22 am
Ken Hundley

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Beautiful! I like the Dragon, mine is not half so ornate.

Jul 26, 06 | 6:28 am
blues creek guitars Authorized Martin Repair Ctr

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Very clean. Hope to hear this one
john hall

Aug 05, 06 | 5:30 pm

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Wow that is by far the best looking guitar I have seen for quite some time and im not joking it it bloody beautiful I love the flamed maple and the sitka top they were meant to go together. they make the guitar look... I dare say "perfect" that is truly a real work of art its just so nice.

I gotta say that is so beautiful if you dont mind I gotta put it as my screen saver.

fantastic job cant wait to see the next one.


Aug 07, 06 | 6:48 pm

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