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My First Guitar LMI OM guitar
Mark Forster-King

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Nov 10, 09 | 12:20 am
Mark Forster-King

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Hi All... just posted the first photo separately to see if it worked and it seems to have here are some more: Upper bout detail:

Snakewood Bindings

Snakewood bridge:

Back of upper bout:

The front:

I have to say that this has been an incredible journey for me and the result is a small body guitar that I really love.... it has a huge sound for a small body and tonally, is absolutely amazing really holds it own with the big dreadnaughts and sounds so much sweeter...I could go on for ages but I would like to that the Forum for all the support and inspiration over the past 2 years especially Bill Cory and Ken C thanks and I already want to start the next one....

Kind Regards
Mark Forster King
New Zealand

Nov 10, 09 | 12:40 am
Ken C

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Fanstastic looking guitar, Mark! Congratulations! You are right about the journey--a real discovery process.

Too many Ken's on this forum. I think the Ken C you refer to is Ken Cierp to avoid any confusion.

Again, well done!


Nov 10, 09 | 4:53 am
Bill Cory

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Mark -- Nice! Your wood choices have made the instrument uniquely attractive.

Say, if you have some high resolution shots, I could still use a couple for the KGF 2010 Calendar ... coming soon. If you'd like to see some of your guitar in the calendar, send them to me: I can receive up to 20mb in each email.

Good job -- I sure do like that one!


Nov 10, 09 | 5:15 am
Bill Cory

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Mark -- If you will allow the use of a couple of these, I won't need you to send high-res shots. These were already 300 dpi -- so all I need from you to use them in the Calendar is your permission. Let me know here ... or email.

Thanks, either way --

Nov 10, 09 | 5:23 am
Kevin Sjostrand

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Hey Mark,
I'd say your two years were well spent. That is a beauty. Your peghead is great, and quite unique I'm sure. Are you going to repeat that shape and make it your trademark? Nice bridge too! I like to see individuality in these areas on our handmades. Thanks for sharing, and......get going on #2!


Nov 10, 09 | 5:49 am

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Mark, Unique and very elegant. A very beautiful guitar.
The snakewood is extraordinary. You made yourself a work of art.

Now I definitely need to buy me some snakewood for binding. In my area lives a couple from Suriname that sells the stuff. Thanks for reminding me.


Nov 10, 09 | 9:45 am
Mark Forster-King

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Thanks evyone for the kind words...yes Bill you may certainly use some images for the Calander but let me e-mail some to you as well ...I posted these up last night in a bit of a rush and I don't think that I used some the best ones so I will send them to you tonight when I finish work....I did mean Ken Cierp so thanks again Ken...I also should thank a couple of local guys Keith Macmillan( local Luthier) and Morris Taylor who have been great to bounce ideas off and very supportive as well....its amazing how altruistic the luthiering world is.....

Nov 10, 09 | 9:46 am

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Very nice guitar! I like the snakewood binding! Tasty!

Nov 10, 09 | 7:50 pm
Ken Hundley

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Beautiful. A simple and elegant headstock shape. I am really struggling to create my own headstock, but your guitar looks beautiful.

Nov 10, 09 | 8:45 pm
Mark Forster-King

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Its funny but I have been a musician for nearly 30 years, and a wood worker foras long as well and until I finished a Stew Mac mondolin 2 years ago I had never put the two I don't want to stop!
I wanted a headstock design that was unique and different to the standard Martin style headstock, not that there is anything wrong with that!I drew inspiration from some of the alternatives out there,Santa Cruz,Ovation,Bourgeois and Petros which are very beautiful as well as some of the old style and contemporary banjo headstocks...I also play banjo.I am pretty pleased with the final headstock design and designed the snakewood bridge also inspired by some of the other alternative bridge designs out there such as Taylor, Goodall and Tipin, to try and match my headstock design.The theme I wanted, was to accentuate the already very natural curves of the OM body and bout styles and carry that through to the Headstockand bridge...the gorgeous Gotoh 510 tuners( which are like velvet to use, I must say! as well as following the whole curved style thing) complete the look.
I have yet to put on a scratchplate(pickguard) which I think will be clear at this stage. The endpin( also MOP inlaid ebony same as the bridgepins) will go in tonight and then I may do another cut and polish on the finish and it should be truely done...yeah! Now I have just seen and heard a really lovely old 1934 wooden bodied National El Trouvador...hmmm that might have to be the next guitar project...but wait I have seen a really nice design for a small bodied Jumbo!....and the wife and I were talking last week about how nice it would be to have a 31 string harp!...whoops what have I started....gosh so many instruments and so little Time......

Nov 11, 09 | 5:19 pm

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