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Following manufacturer's suggestions

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Several places have indicated it's important to follow one system and follow the manufacturer's instructions. Behlen's instrument lacquer says to use Behlen's vinyl sealer. Behlen's sealer says you can use it on bare wood. It says nothing about filler, but I bet it's necessary. Does anyone know?

Nov 09, 09 | 11:16 am
Bill Cory

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Hugh -- I would imaging the filler is necessary. I've used the vinyl sealer and I don't think it will do any pore filling. Like shellac, it's a good barrier coat. After pore filling and sanding down to bare wood with filled pores, apply the vinyl sealer. Be sure you have good ventilation while applying and while it dries; the stuff is ba-a-ad.

Nov 09, 09 | 12:14 pm
Ken Cierp

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Here's the link


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Nov 09, 09 | 12:50 pm

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Thanks, Ken. I thought there was more to it than what's written on the can. Since it is 'Stringed Instrument Lacquer' you'd think they'd include a bit more info on the can.
I'm going to try it as the link suggests.
Thanks again.

Nov 09, 09 | 1:00 pm

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