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Measurements on a Taylor neck.
Kevin Sjostrand

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I don't have a Taylor guitar to take measurements from. I wondered if anyone had one they could check for me.
I'm looking for the neck thickness at the first and 12th frets (not counting the frets of course), on a Taylor 310ce thru 810ce series. I suppose the whole series from 210 to 910 is probably about the same?
This is the guitar my son-in-law has been wild about. I don't want to copy the Taylor, but I think I'd like to mimic the neck feel as much as I am able. I have played these guitars a little, and also believe they have the necks just about right. Thanks for your help. I have much to ponder about this next build in the next few weeks.


Nov 08, 09 | 7:48 pm

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I will measure a 314 neck for you tonight or tomorrow. People have always commented about how "fast" the Taylor neck feels, particularly for electric players. The 314 is 1-3/4 at the nut, and I think the 310 was also, which is a little unusual for a dread.

btw - I am quite sure that the 110 and 210 are different neck profiles from the US made taylors - as I recall they were 1-11/16 at the nut.

Nov 09, 09 | 6:11 am
Bill Cory

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Kevin -- over at , Tracy has a set of neck templates that are perfect for what you're doing. They are exact and accurate. I know he has one for the Taylor necks.


Nov 09, 09 | 6:35 am
Kevin Sjostrand

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Thanks Freeman, that will be a big help.
Bill, I took a look and that is probably just what I need. String spacing too.
I will look into that gauge when I get back from the trip.


Nov 09, 09 | 11:22 am

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Older 314 neck (1998 I think, pre NT at least).

Nut - 1.750 wide, 0,890 deep
1st - 1.790 wide, 0.840 deep
10th - 2.103 wide, 0.883 deep
12th - 2.132 wide, you are into the heel at this point

Interesting that the nut is a hair deeper than the first few frets - guess you are into the thickening part of the shaft as it leads into the headstock'

Widths were taken at the ends of the frets, depths were taken at the center of the fretboard to the center of the back of the neck without strings. In Martin's neck profile terminology, I call the Taylor neck a "C" shape. I actually made some templates of it some time back but they were pretty crude and I can't find them, but I used that shape on my daughter's 0-42.

Not sure of the scale length, but I think it is 25.4 or very close (I could measure if you need to know). Mine is a finger jointed neck with truss rod adjuster in the headstock - NT necks are now scarf joint. Mine is also a three piece heel.

Note, their is also a bit of lore that Taylor's nut is a hair closer to the first fret than would be predicted by the 12th root of 2 spacing - as I recall the story it was some sort of mistake but it is thought to help with open string intonation so Bob stayed with it. I guess I could check that if you really get interested.

Nov 09, 09 | 6:09 pm
Kevin Sjostrand

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Perfect! Thanks for doing that. It is a big help


Nov 10, 09 | 6:01 am

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