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FAMOWOOD Grain Filler - has anyone used it?
Logan Sarchfield

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I'm building my first kit which is a stew mac mahogany dread. I would use the CA filler method but from what I have read it is not suitable for mahogany.

Has anyone here used Famowood grain filler? From what their website says it is mostly wood flour and that it is a water based product.

I plan to use the filler then a couple coats shellac then finish off with several coats of oil varnish.

I live in Canada so finishing products can be harder to find locally.


Nov 06, 09 | 10:45 am
blues creek guitars Authorized Martin Repair Ctr

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yes DON"T it made one heck of a mess. As I got more into this , I find the mineral based fillers more controllable. Avoid water based fillers , they tend to flash too fast and don't fill very well.
Robbie O'Brien uses joint compound. I have not used that but I can see where it may work, It is stainable and will do the job. My first pick is pore o paq or Jasco brand. Try and get it natural and you can add the stain to the filler. Mix in a separate container and add a little naphtha to the mix , about 1-2- drops per tablespoon. I use 2 methods of application , one is a brush and wipe but my favorite is an old Ccard and squeeze it into the pores , once with the grain , allow it to flash ( semi dry ) and then rub it in , than against the grain. I do this 3 times to get as good a fill as I can.
This is the foundation of your finish , a bad filling job makes a perfect finish difficult. Take your time. What kind of wood are you using ? SuperGlue also does a good fill on some woods. It isn't good on mahogany or walnut.

john hall
Blues Creek Guitars
Authorized CF Martin Repaircenter

Nov 07, 09 | 2:36 am
Ken Hundley

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I haven't tried these methods, but I have to say I have been pleased with epoxy.....dries clear, no need to color match unless you are looking to affect the color of the wood intentionally. Dries hard, sands well, doesn't shrink much, if any. I'm going to be using some 30 minute quick set for 2 bucks from the hardware store. I didn't feel like spending $40 on System 3 when it is so finnicky in terms of proportions, though I have had great success with it since my first disaster.

Nov 07, 09 | 6:38 am

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Hello Logan,
I'm in Canada as well (Calgary, Alberta) and have had the same problems. Benjamin Moore sells a product called "Wood Grain Filler 238-05" (you can look it up on their website). It is solvent based, works quite well, but is hard to sand so you have to make sure you remove all the residue. The local hobby shop here that specializes in radio controlled airplanes sells "Z-Poxy" which a lot of people use. Also look up "" they are in Saskatoon and sell Target and other brands.

Hope this helps

Nov 07, 09 | 7:53 am
Logan Sarchfield

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John, Ken and Gary thanks for your informative answers!

I want to use a filler that is slightly darker than the mahogany itself for this build, so I will go with a filler this time instead of epoxy. I will try the epoxy method on a future build.

Gary I'm in Edmonton and I will try to locate the benjamin moore wood grain filler, it sounds like it should work well.


Nov 09, 09 | 7:23 pm

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