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Gibson back bracing phtographs?

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Does anyone have and photographs of Gibson back bracing? If so, I'd appreciate some copies.

Nov 04, 09 | 8:08 am
Running Dog

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I don't have any photos for you but wonder what your question is. Gibson generally didn't do anything extraordinary with their braces (except use lower quality wood more roughly finished than the competition ) -- the two upper braces are usually 1/4" or 5/16" by approx. 1/2", the lower ones are around 1/2" or 5/8".

If you can find a Gibson, new or old, at a store, it'll give you the necessary information.

Nov 06, 09 | 8:20 am

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MIMF has a set of plans for an L-00 and the Guild of American Lutheries has a number of other Gibbie plans. LMI has L-0, L-00, J-45, 185 and 200. Has been some recent discussion at MIMF about top bracing on Gibbies - I'm sure that some of those builders know what the backs were like depending on model.

Nov 06, 09 | 8:34 am

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Running Dog, I just wanted some photographs to look at the shape and placement of the braces in comparison to the shape and placement I had drawn up for an L00 I'm building. I was working without plans and using info gleaned mostly from the net to build the guitar. Some friends sent me L00 plans they had so I'm good now. This is only my second attempt at building, so essetially my question was just for pictures for comparison! thanks!

Nov 16, 09 | 6:09 am

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