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Rod & Gabby Video
Ken Hundley

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These guys are always entertaining. Not one of their most melodic numbers, but good footage of their technique and theyare just amazing to watch. Didn't know you could get some of those sounds from a nylon string!

Oct 31, 09 | 9:54 am

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Thanks for sharin' Ken...powerful Kids...ain't electronics something today?

Nov 11, 09 | 5:58 pm

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Hey Ken that's great! I was at a music festival called Bonaroo this past summer down in Tenesee and I saw them perform there, I was down there with my sister. And then they passed through San Francisco when I was there last and considered going to that as well.

At Bonaroo, they were on the main stage, and it was just 2 people with 2 acoustic classical guitars, and everyone was blown away. It was a great show. Gabriela had her own "percussion" type solo song that was just amazing.

As far as I know the story about those 2 is, she had a crush on him and started learning guitar so she could play with him, and the rest was history.


Nov 13, 09 | 8:33 pm
Ken Hundley

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Thats what I heard too. Still haven't gotten CD # 2, but I'll let you know what I think when I do.

Nov 18, 09 | 12:35 pm

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