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Epoxy Pore Filler
Ken Hundley

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Does anyone see a reason why a normal 2-part epoxy that dries clear wouldn't work as well as System 3? Is there a reason (shrinkage, clarity, hardness) that System 3 or zpoxy is better than your typical 60 minute stuff? Building with a budget with an eye towards using local materials, or at least readily available materials, I was interested in using some Loctite or other similar 2 part epoxies, or maybe even getting the clear countertop stuff....enough to last a lifetime.....but most importantly, they are two part, equal part, forgiving mixes. Thats most appealing to me, and I don't have to order it.

Oct 28, 09 | 5:18 pm
Kevin Sjostrand

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I used Devcon type 2 part epoxy to pore fill #2, and on #1 when I did the refinish. It worked like a charm. $2 a pack at Walmart. I didn't use a whole tube on one guitar. It is for sure the way I will continue to pore fill.
Try it, I think you will love it.


Oct 28, 09 | 8:46 pm

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There is a guy on the OLF (can't recall who it was right now) that used regular epoxy as a pore filler. Regular epoxy is probably thicker so I would try not to build up a heavy coat.

You can thin epoxy in denatured alcohol. I used to do this building radio controlled airplanes. Mix the 2-part epoxy in the bottom of a Dixie cup then add alcohol and stir. keep stirring and just when you think it won't mix dissolves fairly quick. Thinned epoxy would probably help you keep a thin coat.

Oct 29, 09 | 3:18 pm
Ken Hundley

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Sounds like the way to go! I had a disaster on the first one I used System 3, but didn't mix it right. Afterwards, I have had tremendous success with it, and love not having to try to color match a paste filler or dye joint compound, though I want to try that method sometime. I like the clarity of epoxy and silica, but System 3 isnt all that cheap and needs to be ordered. I'll let you know how this goes!

Oct 29, 09 | 5:37 pm

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Would this be a suitable pore filler for a Hon. Mahogany neck if the finish will be Tru Oil? With a coat of sealer under the tru oil, of course.

Dec 15, 09 | 4:29 am
Ken Hundley

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Thats my plan, we'll see how it goes.

Dec 15, 09 | 10:28 am
Dennis Weatherly

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Be sure to sand and clean the surface each time. Epoxies forumalted as an adhesive sometimes have chemicals that rise to the sruface as they cure, and can interfere with adhesion of additional coats. Epoxies formulated for finishing don't do this, which is one of the reasons there are "special purpose" products like System III Clear Coat. Z-Poxy also works well for some folks. Personally I have never had good luck with it on model airplanes, so I've never tried it on guitars. I have had good success with System III.

Two keys things to remember with epoxy: always use FRESH product and always stir it MORE than you think is necessary :-)

Dec 30, 09 | 12:10 pm
Ken Hundley

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Thanks, Dennis....thats just what I did.

Dec 31, 09 | 5:23 am

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