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to make fingerboard angle cut

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For long angle cuts a sled mounted in the mitre slot is often recommended. The mitre slot on my saw isn't very tight so I like this idea which does much the same thing against the rip fence instead.

Oct 02, 09 | 5:33 pm
Ken C

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This is what I use, and I see Rockler has them 50% off:

Precision Taper Jig

Oct 04, 09 | 8:23 am
Ken Hundley

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Ken, I have the harbor freight version, and it is crappy. I think the one Hugh showed will be a little more precise, and may try to build one.

Oct 05, 09 | 5:43 pm
Ken C

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Ken, I found mine works with no issues. No doubt a sled version could be an improvement, but the one I have works well enough that I don't feel the need to improve upon it (for now).


Oct 05, 09 | 7:03 pm

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