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Ripping bracewood

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What is the best way to rip bracewood? It sounds like a somewhat stupid question I suppose, but I don't really want to waste too much wood cutting with my thick blade on my table saw, but I want to accuracy of the guide when cutting with a bandsaw.

Is the best way to go find a finer cutting saw for the table saw for the accurate fence, or just cut it with the thick blade?

I haven't made my own braces yet and cutting into them is the only hold up so far. I've seen a few videos about bracing tops and backs, but they generally skip the cutting part, and back from when I owned Robbie O'briens Dvd I can't for the life of me remember what he did.


Sep 27, 09 | 3:21 am

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Dan, I use my bandsaw. Do you have a fence on your band saw? If not you can make a quick jig to attach and attach it with a clamp so you can get uniform thickness when you rip. The quickest type of jig is to take a piece of wood about 1" high, and taper and round one end. Sort of a dull point. Place the point at the blade and set it to depth. All you need to do is keep the wood tight to the point as you push it thru. Oh and watch the fingers. I lost 2 weeks building time this summer and over a month of practice because I lost focus when I was cutting my braces. And I'm extremely glad I was using the band saw and not my table saw.


Sep 27, 09 | 5:39 am
Bill Cory

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Lance -- Ouch! Did the finger injury cause problems long term?

I agree; use the band saw.

Sep 27, 09 | 7:03 am

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Not really. It was just a slice off the fleshy part of the tip of the middle finger on my left hand (fingering hand). I can play my classical guitar, but steel strings are still a little thin and the skin is still thin over the nerve endings.

Sep 27, 09 | 3:59 pm

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Best way is to split it? Where have I read that and why??. Push sticks ...push sticks..while cutting! plus yellow paint circle of no finger zone to keep you in the zone!

Regards Ian

Sep 27, 09 | 8:14 pm

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