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What glue do you use?

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Just wondering what glue you pro builders use. i have heard that white wood glue is not strong enough and yellow aliphatic dries too guickly and animal or pearl glue needs a suitable container to heat it in.

Having said that I have been watching a youtube build with Steve Dickie and he only uses white glue for part that might need to come apart later and yellow for permanent joints. Is the white glue he is using different from orginal wood PVA?

After all got to get these things right or my first build will fall apart halfway through my first tune ... lol

Thanks for an excellent forum and all your patience with what might seem like pathetic questions from me. By the way i have tried to search many topics but only get an error page. Not sure if there is something wrong with the link!

Sep 24, 09 | 4:53 am
Ken Hundley

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Hey Paul! I would venture to say that most pros use titebond, the original formula for the bulk of their work. I have seen videos of using CA with the accelerator for wood binding, especially around cutaways. A lot of people prefer the white glue for fingerboards and bridges, though titebond works quite well there too. I built my first with the white glue, and all the rest with titebond....a little easier to get your hands on.

Sep 24, 09 | 5:25 am
Bill Cory

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I've settled on the White Instrument Builder's Glue from Luthiers Mercantile. It seems to me to dry harder and more translucent. I've also used yellow glues, cyanoacrilate for one entire guitar and in spots for specific applications, Titebond cabinet glue, and cements (WeldOn#16) for plastic-to-wood and fiber-to-wood. My overall favorite is still the White Instrument Builder's Glue.


Sep 24, 09 | 6:09 am

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LMI"s white glue is my favorite glue. Less yellow than Titebond.

Sep 24, 09 | 8:58 am

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Although I have used the Original Titebond formula with complete success.
I also prefer LMII's Instrument Makers White Glue for the same reasons Bill has mentioned.
You can find it here.

Good luck!


Sep 24, 09 | 9:04 am

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Thanks for the link ... looks good stuff. Down site is that I am in England and a quick search here bares no fruit! Do you happen know if it is available outside of the US

Sep 24, 09 | 9:19 am

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Just as a sacrilege, I built my last one with ONLY liquid hide glue. Bindings, top, back and neck are mahogany. Braces are spruce.
When I was in Belgium I used yellow carpenter glue. It worked fine.

Sep 24, 09 | 9:33 am
Ken Cierp

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"X" brace joint Epoxy
Rosettes Duco
Weld-On for ABS plastics
CA for some repairs and some inlay
Titebond Original for everything else


Kenneth Michael Guitar est. 1978

Sep 24, 09 | 10:35 am
Bill Cory

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PaulF -- I would suggest you contact a luthier there and ask if they know of a source for white PVA (polyvinyl acetate) glue. The Titebond II is a PVA glues. Titebond All Purpose White Glue is also a PVA glue with the same basic properties as the LMI white glue. Here is the link for the Titebond page on it:


Sep 24, 09 | 1:24 pm

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I do know LMI ships quite fast to your area and I have read feedback praise for just that.
I didn't see any shipping restrictions for this item but you may want to inquire.
Best of luck,


Sep 24, 09 | 1:28 pm

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Try David Dyke at They have titebond, truoil etc. I am in Spain and they provide a good service.


Sep 24, 09 | 2:07 pm

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I find each glue is good for somthing, names mean little compaired to ingrediants. Glue is cheap on the shelf and if the mix is close go for it. Colour of glue to what wood is more in line to what I go with. Neck joint, fret board, bridge, anything wanted for easy removal ,change or adjustment over the life of the guitar goes to the animal glue. Tone and stuff is not a factor in glue but in the slightest. There is more guitar than the glue ...and glue 5 years ago was probably re formulated...faster cheaper quiker...technologie moves.. ask the supplier to your purpose. Why is Tight bond one better that three? used both? Three is removable and have not seen fail? down fall?? Elmers,lapage, yellow white,clear...what are the glues on your shelf in your hood??

Regards Ian

Sep 24, 09 | 8:20 pm

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Some glue types creep more than others. If I were a full time luthier (and of course I'm not) I would like hot hyde glue for the quick set which may help speed assembly time. Animal glues (including fish glue) shrink as they dry so help pull things tighter (assuming a good glue joint fit) so some folks really like this for braces and some even think this helps the tone (I'm sure I couldn't hear the difference).

I've used fish glue from Lee Valley so far on my build but I won't use it for everything. Sort of gives you the benefit of hot hyde glue but has a longer working time for the less experienced.

Sep 27, 09 | 12:47 pm

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