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Finishing Woe No Mo'

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Not much of a photographer, but now, thanks in part to help on this forum, now I’m at least “officially” a builder. It’s a Sapele Mahogany Tele named Franklin, after my son who custom-cut the body out for a school project. Anyway, nobody wants to hear, "sand it down to 220 and start again", but that is exactly what I needed to do. The finish is flawless now, glossy and smooth. I just wanted to post a note to thank those that offered some needed advice at a frustrating time in the finishing process, especially Ken Hundley, Ray Ray, Jim H, and of course, Bill Cory. Thanks again. Frank

Sep 16, 09 | 4:40 am

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Post pictures!

Sep 17, 09 | 10:36 am

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I can't paste them on here!! How do you do it??

Sep 17, 09 | 10:47 am
Bill Cory

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Frankie - It's very easy ... take a look at this post:


Sep 17, 09 | 10:58 am

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I'm at work, I'll try it from home. Thanks!!

Sep 17, 09 | 11:12 am
Ken Hundley

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Glad it worked out, Frank, can't wait to see pics!

Sep 21, 09 | 1:30 pm

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