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Laying Out Rims with KMG's Mega Mold and Contour Bar
Ken C

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I am beginning a J-185, and I have a template for the top and back but had nothing with respect to the rims. Personally I hate not cutting the rims to size prior to bending as radiusing the rims takes way too much time and creates too much sawdust. So I was noodling how I could come up with a rim template without heading to Guitar Center and measuring an actual J-185.

While radiusing the rims on an OM I am building, the light bulb went off. Why not set up the KMG MM for the J-185, elevate the upper bout portion of the mold such that the 15' contour bar has the correct elevation at the heel and tail, then slowly rotate the bar around the mold taking measurements at pre-identified intervals and transfer those measurements to some butcher paper.

I built a support block that slides over the spindle and provides the perfect elevation for the contour bar. In just a few minutes I had transferred the measurements to a new template and now have the exact template I needed for the rims! I can cut my rims close to finished size, bend them, drop them in the mold and install the support block over the spindle along with the radius bar, then quickly clean up the rims. Alternatively, I will have my template lines drawn on the side of the rims, and I could use the radius bar without the support block and simply sand to the lines.

This approach worked so well I am going to create rim templates to replace those incorrectly shown in existing plans I have.

A new use for your MM, Ken Cierp!


Sep 13, 09 | 4:35 pm
Kevin Sjostrand

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Sep 13, 09 | 8:26 pm
Ken Cierp

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Wow! this is such a great idea --- I wish I had thought of it.

Thanks Ken for your input -- I've added an instruction set on my web page
that adds a little more explaination:


Sep 22, 09 | 11:55 am
Ken C

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Thanks Guys. Hopefully my Aha moment will help a few others out, especially as Ken put together a such a great, straightforward tutorial.


Sep 22, 09 | 4:36 pm

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