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Moving Day
Bill Cory

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Everyone will probably notice, the forums have been rearranged. After four months, it was clear from their usage that this is the order they should be in.

Anyone who has suggestions ... let's hear 'em!

Before it comes up: With this forum program, I can't do avatars, signature lines, or emoticons ... sorry. The upgrade is financially out of reach at this point.


Jul 07, 06 | 12:49 pm
Bill Cory

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How would it be if I replaced the "WOOD" and the "PARTS" forums (not used much) with a Songwriting, Playing, etc. section? Anyone interested? We could post clips, etc., ...

(I'm writing a song right now, while I keep refinishing the guitar that won't finish, titled, "You Put The Finish On My Heart." .... country, obviously!)

What should it be called?

Jul 07, 06 | 12:56 pm

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I think you've hit on the right niche as you have it. If you add non-kit building topics such as songwriting and playing, you're drifting from your original mission and starting to tread into areas of expertise that other forums have developed.

In addition, you could start a 'competition' with other forums that benefits no one in the end.

My 2 cents.


Jul 07, 06 | 4:09 pm

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I like and can live with the current layouts...although use probably dictates clearer paths than when you originally laid this out. The only thing I wish I had the option to do is to amend my own posts. I often look incredibly stupid when I mis-type some simple word or choose the wrong word usage/spelling. I'm always is too big a hurry to utilize the preview function.

IF any of my whinings prevent you from "finishing" your on your guitar instead.
THANKS for a GREAT site,

Jul 07, 06 | 7:13 pm
Ken Hundley

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I gotta agree with these guys, Bill, it fits perfectly where it is. Those things yhou mentioned are topics that can be made stickies in the " Anything Else" section if needed, they're not bad ideas.

Jul 07, 06 | 9:56 pm
Bill Cory

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Thanks guys -- that was what I was thinking too -- that it's okay the way it is -- but I wanted to be sure the forum is doing what its members want. Thanks.

Kevin -- It;s ni big deel two mek a bug mistale whyle tuping ... why, hwck, U've evn dine ut muself. Surioysly, thuogj, we all do it. We usiulyy csn fugure oot whay yoy maen to tupe.


Jul 08, 06 | 6:22 am

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THANKS for your warm hearted response!!! YOU must've had some White Glue stuck to your fingers!?

Jul 08, 06 | 8:44 am

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My comments would be another vote for bein able to edit one's own posts. I am a typing klutz at best! As far as other topics, the only thing that really comes to mind would be a place for people to post sound clips.

I think that it would be good 'aural' training for all of us to be able to listen and then later compare guitars 'naked' (prior to finish), right after completion and then maybe six months into playing them.

I've said this a few times, but it is worth repeating. "Bill, you're doing a heck of a fine job with this site. Many thanks."


Jul 08, 06 | 9:00 am
Phlytyer (Keith)

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Yeah....what jhowell editing would be a real plus and great site/job you are doing Bill.


Jul 09, 06 | 7:12 pm
Bill Cory

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Guys, thank you from the tips of my untalented guitar playing fingers to my nine toes (lost one in the eighth grade ... to a surgeon's nippers). I appreciate your kind words.

I wish there was a way to edit posts after we "submit" them; of course, I have the luxury of being able to do it, since I can access the control panel for the whole forum ... but it would be impractical to give everyone access to that part of the program. I can imagine what would happen if some spammer or jerk joined us and started messing with it ...

I could buy the latest program and set it up, but, honestly, I don't have the resources to do it right now. Maybe in the spring.

I guess our only option for now is to take more time and preview what we write. Even then, mistakes are missed. I know. I just leave a lot of mine, figuring you guys are smarter than the average bears and can figure out what I thought I meant ...


Kevin -- Glad you got a laugh out of that ... just kidding around :-)

Jul 11, 06 | 5:56 am

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