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Oh NO, I forgot to mask

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I have put on one coat of shellac (zinsser seal coat no wax) and just realized I had not masked the bridge and fretboard areas. Is it too late? Shouldn't I go ahead (after it dries) and tape it off? Will it be a pain to get the shellac off when ready to glue the bridge?

Aug 29, 09 | 6:06 pm
Kevin Sjostrand

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You will need to have bare clean wood to glue to. Scrape or sand off the areas where the bridge and fretboard extension will glue down. You probably should just sand the whole top back to wood, then mask, then start over with your finish.


Aug 29, 09 | 6:11 pm
Bill Cory

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Aug 30, 09 | 6:26 am

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