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Alchohol for FP??

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I'm about to venture into learning to French Polish. I have a 'project guitar' that I'm going to play around with.

I've read in several places that Everclear is ideal to use for this process, unfortunately its not sold in my locale (Washington State).

At least one of the tutorials I read said to avoid Denatured Alchohol sold in stores because of senstitization issues and/or solids content.

Does anyone have suggestions for an alcohol source sufficient for French Polish that is available to us 'blue-law' challenged folks?

Aug 28, 09 | 10:48 pm

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Hi Jim,
You can use Hock Water Free Shellac Solvent, this a pure denatured alcohol. It works well for French Polishing, however it is not as safe as Everclear for the user. Read the safety warnings on the bottle, you'll want to wear gloves and protect yourself from the vapor. It's available from Woodcraft's, , as well as other places.

Aug 29, 09 | 1:45 am

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