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Shellac ONLY ( not frech polishing)

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What are the cons of just rubbing on shellac like you do Tru-oil and not using the frech polish method?

Aug 27, 09 | 10:57 am

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I think it would be difficult to get even coverage by just rubbing shellac on without polishing it. When you apply shellac it doesn't go on as seperate layers like nitro or poly, instead it becomes a single amalgamate. Each time you apply a fresh coat of shellac the alcohol in the fresh coat disolves the previous coat and the new and old shellac blend together to form a single layer. If you just rub the shellac on without polishing it you may not get a uniform amalgamate of new and old shellac resulting in an uneven finish.

Aug 28, 09 | 2:55 am

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