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My present project - Maple and Cocobolo 00 14 fret to body

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Here are some pictures of my present project. It's a maple body OO with all cocobolo accents. It's my ninth build, and everything is from scratch.

This is the fretboard, slotted and radiused, but no inlay yet.

Here are the sides in the mold. Mahoghany kerf with cocobolo side braces.

Here is a picture of the headstock and neck. The inlay is gold MOP. And the neck is maple with cocobolo in the center. It's a little blurry.

Here is another picture of the neck along with the back and rough cut back braces to be. The cocobolo bridge is on the top of the miscellaneous accent pieces. One piece is for the heel cap, one for the pick guard, one will be put in as a tail piece.

Here is the top with the cocobolo rosette inlaid. The top is sitka spruce.

Here is the last picture for now. The inside of the top with the brace pattern laid out along with the rough cut braces.


Aug 19, 09 | 3:33 pm
enalnitram (Martin Lane)

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Very nice, Lance! Where does the top pattern and body shape come from?

Aug 19, 09 | 6:04 pm
Kevin Sjostrand

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Looking good Lance. I am a big fan of Cocobolo.
Keep us posted with pics as you progress. Nice neck too!


Aug 19, 09 | 7:18 pm

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the body size was traced from a Jasmine ES-95C less the cutaway. I no longer have the guitar as I gave it to a friend's son after a tragic accident left him paralyzed from the legs down. The size is basically a OO but the lower bout is about 1" wider.
As for the bracing, I have two templates from StewMac, the Dreadnought and the 000/OM. What I did was locate the bridge location based on the 25.4" scale and nut location. I then positition the OOO pattern to layout the X brace pattern.
My thought (and I could be wrong) is the templates from StewMac represent two variations of standard X bracing patterns. When I compare this to the pattern from the Jonathan Kinkead plan it appears to be slightly forward shifted.
For my records, this is a custom OO. If I like the sound when all is said and done, it will be the first model I try to sell.
And I know that some people may disagree with my thoughts on how this brace pattern will sound and work, but me, I'm holding judgement until I have the instrument in my hands.


Aug 21, 09 | 4:10 pm

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Pardon my typos in the last posting. I just returned from my annual outing at Saratoga and the ponies were not nice to me today.

Aug 21, 09 | 4:12 pm

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