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Stripping Tru-Oil?

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Hi all!

Long time no post. I've been working away on #1, always little bits and pieces at a time. In fact, usually I wouldn't do enough in a session to warrant even a "tweet"! But lo and behold, after a few months of this, I recently found myself slotting the nut and stringing it up!

I roughed out the saddle and didn't go all the way with the nut slots, figuring I'd let it settle for a couple of weeks before doing the final set up.

Alas, when I masked off the bridge area to apply the finish (Tru-Oil) I came in too far from the edge. So instead of having around 1/16" of finish under the bridge, in some places it was up to 1/4". End result: the bridge popped off (I'm guessing because there wasn't enough contact between bridge and soundboard due to the excess finish).

I hope that all makes sense. I used a couple of coats of shellac followed by around 5 coats of Tru-Oil.

So, I've marked around the bridge and now need to strip back the excess Tru-Oil. Any suggestions on what I should use? Paint stripper? Just carefully sand or scrape it back?

Thanks all!

Getting very close now :-)



Aug 11, 09 | 3:52 am
Ken Hundley

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I would mark where you want the edge to stop, then cut it gently with a razor, then scrape the excess. You could also sand a VERY small bevel a few degrees from level around the bottom of the bridge to help accomodate the height difference between the raw wood and the finish layer. More bridge bottom might stay in contact with the wood of the top.

Aug 11, 09 | 10:58 am

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