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Laquer blushing

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Spraying nitro on my latest OM and Dread using the same nitro, same spraygun, same settings and keep getting a white hazy look.
Installed an inline dryer to eliminate any moisture in the air supply, no joy.
Shop is air conditioned, currently at 75 degrees at 55% humidity.
Any suggestions? Anybody?

Aug 09, 09 | 9:55 am
Ken Cierp

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Use the highest quality thinner you can afford --- lower quality thinners flash off very fast, trapping moisture and can cause blushing. Try this --- Mist the finish with straight thinner, most of the time the blushing will disappear.


Kenneth Michael Guitars est. 1978

Aug 09, 09 | 10:51 am
blues creek guitars Authorized Martin Repair Ctr

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Ken advice is what I would do. Moisture can come out. Sometimes it takes are few days to clear. Some how you got water vapor in your supply

Aug 09, 09 | 2:56 pm

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I guess I'll wait a day or two and see if it clears on it't own.
At my current frustration level I should take a step back anyway.
Thanks for the replies :-)

Aug 09, 09 | 4:11 pm

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Blushing can also appear when you apply a too thick laquercoat, with a bit of moist, at a time. Or a too short period of vapourizing between the coats. ( I take 45 min) At least that's my expierience.

BTW I use an expensive thinner with retarder in it. Cost almost the same as my laquer.

my 2cts.

Aug 11, 09 | 8:14 am

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