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First and last True oil

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Hi All,

Well after my first True Oil, I'm convinced I won't use the process for finishing anymore. From 5' away, the finish is flawless, glossy like a Mother, looks good... untill you inspect it 1 foot away and see the lines in the finish, or the dust particles. I used micro mesh etc. and have come to the conclusion, that I got it as good as I think I could get ANY "wipe-on" finish...except french polishing (which I have done before, but always looking for the easier way). So that's where I'm headed on the classical I'm building now. Will post some pictures very soon.


Aug 06, 09 | 6:51 pm
Ken Cierp

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Hi Dave,

Long ago, (I am too lazy for French polishing these days) I did some French polishing using Behlens padding lacquer. I found it to be a little easier to use than shellac and it did not tint the wood as much. Just a thought.


Kenneth Michael Guitars est. 1978

Aug 07, 09 | 2:57 am

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