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Temporary tailpiece

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Hello all,does anyone use a temporary tailpiece to set bridge location/intonation if so how do you make it? Thanks Rob.

Jul 29, 09 | 8:29 am
Bill Cory

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Roby -- you can just pick one up pretty cheap at any guitar store that has a few parts. Just attach it to the strap nob at the tail.


Jul 29, 09 | 10:05 am

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Are you thinking about setting up a guitar that will have a pinned bridge by using a tailpiece? If so, remember that the mechanics of the top work entirely dfferently - the way the engery is delivered to the top, bracing, string break angle, the fact that the saddle will be notched.... What you will hear is not what you will hear with the pinned bridge.

If you are asking how the floating bridge on an archtop or mando is located, just screw the final tailpiece in place and slide the bridge around - you can take if off for finishing or whatever. Niormally a floating bridge is located between the points of the f-holes, then you finess it a bit.

If you are talking about a tailpiece on a fixed bridge guitar (like an old Stella or a SelMac), again, you can use the final tailpiece, screw it in place, move the bridge around until you are happy, mark the location and glue it down.

In both the first and third case it is probably just as easy to do the measurements and glue the bridge in its final location, then compensate the saddle as you normally would during the final setup.

I had an interesting variation on this - when I built my Stella clome 12 string I was pretty sure I wanted to use a tailpiece, but some Stellas had pinned bridges. I did install a bridge plate in case I didn't like the tailpiece (finding a 12 string tailpiece is somewhat problematic). I figured I could drill the pin holes later and fill the tailpiece mounting holes - not the ideal situation. As it turns out, I'm very happy with the tailpiece.

Jul 30, 09 | 10:28 am

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