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FS: Lutherie Books and Template

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I have the following for sale:

1) Two-Book set from the Guild of American Luthiers - $40 free shipping
- Lutherie Tools
- Lutherie Woods and Steel String Guitars

2) LMII Martin Dreadnought Acrylic Template ( - $30 free shipping.

The detail on the books and template are all available here

Buy the whole lot and I'll throw in a free book "Choosing and Using Hand Tools."

Everything's in mint condition.

Thanks, Mike.

Jun 27, 09 | 6:08 pm

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I'm reducing the prices.

Prefer to sell the books and the template together for $50.

Jul 05, 09 | 10:42 am

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Well, how about both books, the dread template, and the two Norton Waterstones I have listed in classifieds all for $75.

Just sitting around, and I need $75 more.

Jul 17, 09 | 12:45 pm

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I'm interested. If still available, shoot me an email at


Jul 26, 09 | 6:32 am
Chuck D

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Hi, Mike. Are these items still available?


Aug 11, 09 | 11:27 am

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No sorry Matthew bought them.

Don't know to delete the thread.

Aug 11, 09 | 2:45 pm

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