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Stain color for mahogany?

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Hi All,

I want to stain the mahogany neck, sides and back of my next J-45 build. My previous mahogany builds look like... mahogany. My Martin D18's mahogany back and sides don't resemble "regular" mahogany at all... much darker, and the neck is really dark as in I asked "what kind of wood is the neck made of"? (Martin in their description, says the necks are made from "select hardwoods")

Anyway, does anyone have a suggestion? Thanks.


May 20, 09 | 3:17 pm
Ken Cierp

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Hi Dave,

Martin now uses Mahogany and Spanish cedar (very Mahogany like) only a bit softer.

I think? John Hall posted a stain fomula for the Martin dark neck. I don't have my copy of the Stew Mac finishing manual in the shop now but I thought there were color formulas in there?

So basically I am no help at all.


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May 21, 09 | 6:32 am
John B

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Here is the thread where John Hall explained the formula Martin uses to closely match mahogany necks to the color of Rosewood. See his response about half way down the thread.


May 21, 09 | 7:05 pm

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