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Attach neck and fretboard before or after finishing?
Doug Evans

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I've seen examples of both, on my first guitar, I attached the neck first and then finished the guitar.

What is the preferred method? or is it a personal choice?

All comments welcome.

May 19, 09 | 7:01 am

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It doesn't matter, except if you assemble the neck to the body after you finish, it is easier to buff out the finish.

May 19, 09 | 7:38 am
Doug Evans

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I'm guessing it makes it easier to do a neck reset in the future as well, you don't have to score the finish to remove the neck.

May 19, 09 | 9:42 am

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I'm with Doug, if a neck reset or neck removal is needed for any reason down the road, then you don't have to worry about repairing the finish after teh neck is removed. This is the way Martin does it.

May 19, 09 | 9:55 am
Ken Cierp

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Finishing them seperately makes it much easier (fewer corners) to perform final leveling and polishing -- Plus many of us satin finish the neck and gloss the rest.


Kenneth Michael Guitars est. 1978

May 19, 09 | 12:30 pm

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