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Bill Cory's Books

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Just a note to say that from a "Newbe's" point of view..these are incredibly valueable books...written in a VERY straight foward, honest and professional manner for "Dummies" like me...and are well worth the money spent!
They ARE VERY comprehensive and provide the new kit builder with a wealth of information only gleened else where from expensive trial and error...these books provide a measure of confidence that will, in my opinion, make it possible to actually DO this stuff!
The photo's alone are worth the money if you are considering giving this "Guitar building" a shot..and have any reluctance, don't hesitate to support this site with the purchase of Bill's won't be sorry!


May 10, 09 | 4:59 am
Ken Hundley

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I'll second that....fantastic books!

Jul 02, 09 | 1:10 pm

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Bought mine before I got started with steel strings, and use his journal for my build plan. I start a new one with each build, keep all the notes, goof-ups etc logged in it.


Jul 30, 09 | 3:18 pm

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