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Target Coatings promotional deal thru May 10, 2009
Dennis Weatherly

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I recently received the following promotional deal from Target Coatings adn wanted to share it with all of you. This is for products ordered from their onliune store only. If you ever wanted to try their stuff, this would be a great way to save some money:

Enjoy 25% OFF all purchases a final checkout, PLUS an additional 10% OFF
When you use PROMO CODE ANV0509

Hop on over to their web site (Google Target Coatings for the link) and click on teh Finishing Zone button to place an order.

Big thanks to Bill for permission to post this on the forum and for making this place available!

May 02, 09 | 7:57 am
Dennis Weatherly

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On second though, perhaps we should all put a note on our order that we heard about Target Coatings and this promo on the Kit Guitar Forum? Maybe we can help Bill and the Forum pick up a little extra support :-)

May 02, 09 | 7:58 am

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Is a quart of the EMTech6000 enough to do a guitar? These type products are much cheaper by the gallon. What type of shelf life is expected for these products and how should they be stored (inside in the AC or is out in the shop with no heat and air acceptable)?

May 03, 09 | 2:20 pm
Dennis Weatherly

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I've been told that a quart is more than enough to do a brushed finish on a guitar. I cannot say about spraying - that uses more material. You could ask on the Target Coatings forums. Or check with Tim Metcalf here on this forum - I believe that he sprays his EM6000.

May 03, 09 | 5:04 pm

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