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Fingerboard clamps 1/2 price!
Ken Cierp

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The fingerboard clamps that LMII and StewMac sell are really an item called RV multi-clamps (yes -- recreation vehicle). Walmart, Kmart. Meijer etc. have them in the plumbing and/or camping departments.

Ken ------- Kenneth Michael Guitars

Jun 25, 06 | 1:09 pm
Cameron Reddy

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Thanks for the tip!


Jul 01, 06 | 8:49 pm
Phlytyer (Keith)

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Yep, saw them this past weekend. Will be going back closer to "need" time. Have sooo many C clamps to get first.

Aug 02, 06 | 6:18 am

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I had pretty good luck using very large rubber bands. I looped two together so that when laid in a straight line they were about 12"" long. I put about 5 - 6 wraps per rubber band set around the neck, at the final wrap tucking the end under one of the tight wraps. Repeated this every third fret. I supplemented it with a few clamps using shim stock to put also put pressure on theradiused edges. Cheap and effective!


Aug 02, 06 | 1:40 pm

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