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What to use to clean out pores?

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I started scraping on my sides and trying to get them level and what not and then used a DA sander with 1200 grit sand paper to smooth it all out and it's perfect to start finishing on but how do you get all the dust and stuff out of the pores of the wood. When I wet the wood to see what kind of color it will have it's got a whole bunch of white spots from the dust in the pores and it's really unattractive.

I was wondering if there is something you need to clean the pores out with or do you just go straight to pore filling and they clean themselves out? I'd just hate to put a finish on the guitar and trap all that dust in the pores and have those ugly white specs all over the guitar.


Apr 21, 09 | 10:43 pm
Ken Hundley

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Do you have an air compressor? Use compressed air. Or tape, or tack cloth.

Apr 21, 09 | 10:46 pm

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Yea, got a pretty big air compressor. I'll give that a shot and see. I thought about trying it but wasn't sure if it would have gotten the dust out of those crazy fine pores. I'll hook it up tomorrow and try it. I got fired up again about building since I just got bindings out of the way. They had me really intimidated, but all and all they turned out pretty decent and I'm relieved and ready to get back to building.

Thanks for input Ken,

Apr 21, 09 | 10:52 pm
Gregg C

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Compresses air did the trick for me, give it a try.

Apr 22, 09 | 3:55 am

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