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Questions on Finishing
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I purchased some Emtech 6000 to finish my guitar with and their Pore filler. I am wondering, why do I need to use shellac as a sealer? Couldn't I just use the Emtech and avoid the Shellac? What purpose does the Shellac serve?

Also the EI Rosewood on my kit is pretty dark and I see that a lot of people stain theirs. I don't really see any reason to do this as it's pretty dark already.

Anybody got any answers to my voluminous questions?

Apr 08, 09 | 3:30 pm
Ken Hundley

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Shellac is a great bonding coat, but many people will also use a thinned out version of the same finish they will be using for the final coats. Shellac also makes a great finish builder if you are looking for a way to build thickness into your finish, i.e. electric guitars. It's cheap, easy to use, and everything bonds to it.

I have notheard that most people stain their rosewood. I have heard tha many stain the pore filler they use for the rosewood, but keep in mind, the essence of pore filling is to wipe it into the pores, sand back to wood, so that the filler only is in the pores and not on the surface.....the pores blend into the rest of the wood this way, but also help to provide that glassy smooth finished surface so many of us have decided we need on our guitars (me included).

Apr 08, 09 | 5:38 pm
Ken C

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I haven't used the Emtech 6000 yet. I'll be shooting it within a few weeks on a couple of guitars. I used USL on my last guitar and sealed with a thinned coat of USL. It is a good idea to seal before pore filling, though, as the fillers get tinted from the dark wood and can stain any nearby lighter woods that haven't been sealed.

Good luck with the High Solids Pore Filler. I never could get it to work very well and have given up on it.

Let us know how the Emtech 6000 works out. I'll post results once I have the OM and SJ sprayed and rubbed out, probably sometime during May.

I'm a big fan of natural woods, so I a rarely stain anything. I'd rather select a wood that has the color tone I am looking for. I have tinted my pore fillers, though, in order to help pop the grain. If you do this, definitely make sure you seal prior to pore filling.


Apr 09, 09 | 6:38 pm

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Take this from a very inexperienced finisher.......but I would prefer a sealer on the wood before applying anything with a water base.

Apr 16, 09 | 4:37 pm

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