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Zip Flex Inlay Strips
Ken Cierp

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This stuff looks very interesting, I have not used it yet but plan to soon:

I think its worthy of a post since right now, you can purchase a set, enough for top purfling for about half price -- actually less than half of what LMII wants for it.


Kenneth Michael Guitars est. 1978

Mar 29, 09 | 9:39 am
Ken C

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Saw that Ken. I ordered 5 pieces that came last week. Looks very interesting and could really save a ton of time when working with shell. I think the stuff would be great on the rims.


Mar 29, 09 | 2:14 pm

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I've never priced the old stuff from SM or LMI, man this stuff is priceeeee! However, after having just used Boltron for the first time and not having to "pre-bend" binding etc, this stuff would go on about the same as the plastic bindings and perflings which would make using it a joy I would think.


Mar 29, 09 | 2:31 pm
Ken Hundley

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I've been eying that stuff for a little while.....haven't had a guitar I wanted shell in quite yet, but should soon.

Mar 29, 09 | 8:33 pm
Charles Kuo

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Just put my order in today. There's a lot of interest in this stuff. I'm ready to try something else after putting in curved strips of abalone.

Mar 30, 09 | 5:31 pm

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I ordered a set as well, although I've not decided what guitar to put it in.

My current efforts are too far along in build/design to make significant changes, so I'll just toss it in the stash and use it on the next one (perhaps a parlor!).

Mar 30, 09 | 7:09 pm
Kevin Sjostrand

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That seems to be a great deal, 1/2 off the first purchase. I might have to bite. I would at least like to do a rosette.

Mar 31, 09 | 5:57 am

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I ordered some 2 weeks ago. It continues not to get here. Complaining like this, of course, will cause it to get here this afternoon.

Mar 31, 09 | 6:07 am

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I ordered the Zipflex along with some B/W/B pieces for border on either side and the Zipflex is fine but the other pieces are too tall and twisted. They are unusable as far as I'm concerned.

Apr 07, 09 | 7:36 am
Bill Cory

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Harold -- Write back to Kevin (Ryan). He will replace the defective BWB strips, I'm pretty sure. He is a good guy and does not want a customer displeased.


Apr 07, 09 | 8:06 am
Charles Kuo

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Got mine this week. I haven't inspected it thoroughly.

Apr 07, 09 | 12:42 pm

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Mine came in too...soooo shiny! Sooooo flexible! :)

Can't wait to try them out.

Apr 07, 09 | 6:21 pm

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