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Re Fretting

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Hello im a newbie here,

can you guys advise me in learning the process of refretting? I noticed some guitars have this really cool fret job i mean the edges are really rounded and smooth, i hope you masters can show me the way to do it :)

Thank you

Mar 26, 09 | 2:47 am
Ken Hundley

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I too would love to know that one....I think there is a lot of pre-fitting and filing before it ever gets tapped in.

Mar 26, 09 | 6:22 am
Bill Cory

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Welcome to the forum Bryan!

I have seen an article (somewhere) by a luthier who details the process of rounding new frets, but for refretting, I'd probably go first to Frank Ford's site. (

I don't know much other than the standard method of rounding and smoothing the ends of new frets.

good luck!


Mar 26, 09 | 8:14 am

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Go to youtube, and look up the 20+ clips on refretting a fender stratocaster by Jason from the Musician's Den in Indiana.
It's a fantastic series that covers in the finest details of refretting a guitar.
Well worth the time it will take to watch all the clips.

Aug 28, 09 | 6:17 pm

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I strongly recommend Kent Everett's setup DVD. I believe Robbie hosted that session. I learned a lot watching it.

Dan Erlewine also has a good DVD out there.

There is also a good article in the latest issue of American Lutherie on re fretting. Lots of great info. I believe you can purchase a copy at (Guild of American Luthiers).

I'm definitely no expert, but some of the hard lessons I learned.

- Protect the fretboard (mask it off) from file damage.

- Use the proper tools. Good files suited to the specific task are very helpful in being successful.

Aug 28, 09 | 10:57 pm

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