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Inlay Banding
Phlytyer (Keith)

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Has anyone used inlay banding such as Rockler has for the center seam on the back? I had seen this another time whilst shopping for a previous project. Seems like it could be viable. Just getting your thoughts/input.


Jun 08, 06 | 5:20 am
Robbie O'Brien

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Yes, Though I personally have never used it, many people do and it really dresses up your guitar.

Jun 09, 06 | 5:48 am
Phlytyer (Keith)

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Thanks for the input.

Jun 09, 06 | 12:30 pm

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I've used it on all four of my guitars so far.I buy mine at woodcraft-yea it's a little expensive per piece and it's real thin(Most are about .040 thick so you have to be carefull). Did I mention fragile??? It's real fragile as well .I believe KARIN ROST of Germany is the real maker of this stuff-google them sometime they make all kinds of stuff.I like it!!!! It's pretty.

Jun 17, 06 | 3:58 pm
blues creek guitars Authorized Martin Repair Ctr

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If I inlay pearl on the back I like to use a poly filler then I pull that inlay my pearl by lifting that out. This way all my pearl matches. I only do the backs if I am building a higher end custom
john hall
Blues Creek Guitars

Jun 29, 06 | 9:14 am

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Has anyone used this for binding their guitar?


Jul 08, 06 | 3:28 pm

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That stuff is WAY to fragile to use as binding.Unless you have the supercosmicthingamajig bender I don't see that happening.

Jul 08, 06 | 5:26 pm

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