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Veneer to make a tight appearance of the neck-body-joint

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Making a tight neckjoint on a guitar is difficult, even when you do it several times. An when you get a tight fit, the appearance often still is showing little gaps. Mahogany is more forgiving than maple. On maple little gaps show dark and if not, they collect dark dust. Very visable.

On my latest (Bass, sorry no kit) I used black wooden veneer for nice accents (0.5 mm, 0.02"). This veneer is a bit fiberous on the surface. I expirienced that this veneer dims the sharp edges of the adjoining pieces. So if the joint tends not to be immaculous, the veneer fools the spectator.

This technique could be used on every western style neckjoint, so are most kits here. And it matches perfectly to ebony. But please don't use it as an excuse to allow you to being sloppy on making a joint. A good guitar definitely needs good neck-body comtact.

This is the idea:

Oct 26, 08 | 7:06 am

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Thanks for the tip Herman. A really professional fit and finish.

Feb 25, 09 | 8:16 pm

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